We were blessed to be able to help people around in this lock-down

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With the help from several supporters and contributors of our initiative we were able to take manage the rationing requirements of hundreds of villagers in a tribal village of Wakadi panchayat in Panvel through our brave volunteers who come from different walk of life to help people in need.

we could manage the appropriate portioning of Ration before hand through our supplier to minimize the contact points and interaction times while being equally responsible towards the health and safety of our volunteers in this tough time. Hundreds of beneficiaries could avail the benefits of our donation drive which was adequate for a family of 4 for a period of a fortnight.


All the Covid-19 safety protocol was followed while distribution process to ensure that we do not add to any more contamination while serving people. We were truly amazed to see the discipline among beneficiaries while taking Rations from us.


Author: GreenCiti

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