ZERO Waste Community


We believe in the power of community and we know how to take them together to make any residential society a Zero Waste Society using our composting units.

CSR Partnership

We encourage sustainable practices!!.

We know how to engage your employees / company to make them feel close to environment and our eco-system through our several eco-based activities in sustainable ways.

FOOD Waste Management

For Hotels, Malls, Schools, Cafes, Hospitals

We can help you in disposing your food waste in most eco-friendly ways through our space efficient composting units which are designed to last long.

Engagement Activities

We appreciate your participation.

We conduct several engagement activities for the citizens to make them feel good about their contributions for environment in this busy world.


Communication is the Key

We believe in the power of communication and we use it in most creative ways to reach out to people to make them aware about our eco-system and their responsibilities towards it.


Engage yourself to learn .

We encourage people in our workshops to do things by themselves to make most out of it. Your tend to learn more when you see that happening in front of yourself, we bet on this.

SOLAR Installations

We support for renewable energy

Wish to explore Solar solutions to light your common areas of your residential society or office premises? We can help you in setting up a cost effective and efficient solution for long!

RAIN-WATER Harvesting

Save water for future generations

We can help you in installation of rain-water harvesting solution for your residential society to save thousand of liters of water for your future genetaions to come.

Green Projects to make your premises Sustainable!
  • Setting up of low cost, space efficient, eco-friendly, sustainable composting units in residential housing societies / food waste generating large institutions like corporates, malls, school, colleges etc.
  • Installation of tumbler based composting units for wet waste generating institutions and residential societies with limited space but strongly committed to contribute towards effective and sustainable wet waste management system.
  • Centralized “Solid Waste Collection Services” through back-ground verified porters for improved safety & comfort of residents of large housing societies and commercial institutions where safety of life / data / documents plays most important role.
  • Construction, plantation and maintenance of green beds on road dividers / pavements / road side after all the required liaising and statutory approvals from the governing agencies.
Road-Shows to engage citizens for a cause!
  • PUC certification drives to generate awareness towards impact of air pollutions amongst motorists.
  • CLEANLINESS DRIVES across places to sensitize people about its importance & impact on our society and next generations.
  • SIGNATURE campaign / pledge drive to attract attention of target users to create awareness and sensitize them about various environmental issues.
Engagement Activities to create awareness towards environment!
  • Free saplings distribution amongst participants to create awareness about importance of plants in our eco-system.
  • Plantation drive in open spaces by engaging participants for the immense benefits of our future generations to come.
  • Waste donation drives of e-waste / solid wastes for its appropriate disposal in eco-friendly manners. Any usable or repairable items are redistributed amongst needy people for “reuse” in remote villages adopted by us.
  • Various eco-sensitive games & competitions for participant’s close engagement with nature and its precious resources.
  • Paper bag making using old newspapers which can be further used as liners in residential waste bins.
  • Making of various display articles using old newspapers and cardboards.
  • “Best out of waste” competition for participants to showcase importance of “reusing” in sustainable eco-system.
  • Extempore /  Essay / Debate / Quiz competitions on environment related topics to sensitize & create awareness amongst participants.
  • “Waste segregation” competition to educate participants about various types of waste and its appropriate disposal techniques.
  • Eco poster competition to brig participants closure to nature by using eco-friendly colours and green themes.
Green Workshops to educate about Green initiatives!
  • Importance of waste management at source at personal and community level.
  • Identification & segregation of waste management at source for effective waste management at community level.
  • Effective household waste management techniques in simple and practical ways at personal & community levels.
  • Technology driven waste management solutions and their advantages at community level for effective waste management in limited space.
  • Effective conservation of natural resources through community engagements.
  • Tips on conservations of precious natural resources.​