CORONA – A True Blessing in Disguise

  • Posted by: GreenCiti

During the period of lock down everyone is having a feeling in “Satyug” in “Kalyug”.

The life has become extremely simple; bread or rice, vegetables, some old clothes and a house to live in for full 24 hours with complete attendance. Everyone, from grandfather to grandson are having a feeling of satisfaction. Though everyone is cooperating with the ladies in household work, they are still not believing they are doing so to such an extent. The daily on-the-run routine has come to a standstill, and very strangely and delightfully everyone, even the children are enjoying it. Though nobody is stopping them from the enjoyment of watching cartoons on TV, but they are honest enough to spare time for their online & offline studies. The old time Doordarshan serials, earlier only enjoyed by the elders are very much entertaining the new generation and children. The demand for well ironed trouser & shirt and dresses for the earning hands and children and new dresses and ornaments of the ladies have reduced to almost zero and strangely, to everybody’s satisfaction.

Interestingly, the numbers of usual non-corona patients in hospitals have reduced tremendously, indicating, most of the people used to get panicked on petty health issues and used to run to the hospitals. Everyone is now thinking of the Nation First and not for himself and are enjoying clappings, beating of drums & dishes, lightning the lamps & candles and flashing their mobile phones to show their solidarity and respect for the Corona Warriors.

People had everything but peace of mind was lacking in their life. Now, no worries, no hurries, no backbiting, but only a peaceful, relaxed, stagnant and happy get-together in the family, continuously for such long duration which had never ever happened in the family of one and all before. The one who were eager to move out of house for entertainment, enjoyment and play are fully satisfied with the lockdown. All members are having the real feeling of enjoyment at home, sweet home.

Thank you Corona, thank you so very much for giving us this once in many lives opportunity, which would be remembered for long and would get a place in the history of Family, Nation and The World.

Author: GreenCiti

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