Till now, be it your Corporate office, Hotel, Hospital, Shopping Mall or Residential society you have always been served by these hardworking pool of resources to ensure that you work or live in utmost safe, clean and hygienic environment to achieve better productivity and life-style for your organisation or your family. You would appreciate that in spite of doing an intense laborious job, they have always been deprived from several social benefits & remunerations like most of us reading this content here.

Its our time now to give back to all such needy to salute their hard work & high commitments which all can vouch about.

Now, in given circumstances where everyone is struggling for adequate rations for survival in spite of having plentiful cash in hand, their struggle is much more difficult than all of us. Not only the availability of adequate ration is their concerns, almost zero cash flow is a much bigger challenge for them in this challenging environments which we all are witnessing all across.

We request you to come forward and offer some Monitory assistance to such blue collar workforce who belongs to several offices and societies associated with us in Mumbai Metropolitan Region to repay all the good deeds their Fraternity has done across different states for all of us till date, be it in our offices or at our home.

Who will be beneficiaries of your contributions:

  • House keeping staff of corporate offices, Hotels, Malls, Hospitals & housing societies.
  • Security guards of corporate offices, Hotels, Malls, Hospitals & housing societies.

What will be done with your hard earned money:

  • Distribution of raw ingredients comprising of Rice, Flour, Lentils, Oil, Spices, Potato & Onion to support a family of up to 4 members for two weeks.
  • Distribution of Hand gloves, Sanitizer and Face mask adequate for two weeks.
  • Reimbursement of expenses incurred on Medicines during current lock down period.

Lets try to do our bit together through our own Fraternity members to take care of this workforce who have been always humble and supporting to our ever changing and demanding expectations.

We look forward to hear your suggestions and valuable inputs to make this initiative more impactful. Contact us at [email protected]