A socio-environmental initiative of "Reach Out India Foundation", registered under "Section 8" of Indian Companies Act, 2013



Paper waste

  • Newspapers,
  • Magazines,
  • Books,  Comics,
  • Notebooks
  • other such  items

Metal waste

  • Tin, Iron, Brass,
  • Aluminum 

Plastic waste

  • Toys, Bins,
  • Containers,
  • Pet bottles,
  • other such items 

Electronic waste

  • Radio, tape,
  • AC, TV, Camera
  • PC, Mobile,
  • Key board, mouse
  • Video games etc. ​

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Nothing is more joyful than caring for SOCIETY!! Contribute through your WASTE!


as an


Being a non-profit organisation, we aim to effectively channelize the household "waste collection system" by encouraging our esteemed customer’s participation with lots of value added services and empowering the local “kabadiwala" with huge increase in their business volume by continuously bringing in efficiency in their daily service deliveries. By virtue of this, we want the poorest section of this garbage collection chain to get benefitted most i.e. RAG-PICKERS!! Help us with your contributions in this initiative!!

What all we collect?

Your can contribute immensely to one's life through your precious waste!!

Dispose it sensibly!! Dispose it for a cause!!Dispose it through GreenCiti!!

Dispose your waste at your own comforts through us

and cherish the pleasure of supporting a life

with your valuable contributions!!

We promise to offer our clients with services like...

Same exchange rates as "Kabadiwalas",

Eco-friendly disposal of garbage,

Background verified porters,

Any time pick-up service,

Online pick-up requests,

Reward programs,

Eco-friendly gifts,

Helpline support.

With support of your valuable contributions

we assist "kabadiwalas & ragpickers" with...

Safe & Hygienic working environment,

Benefits to government schemes,
Monitory reward programs,

Education for their kids,

Social security.