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WORRIED about date-privacy while disposing your office waste?

Donate your office waste

Your waste can help a needy community

All the money generated through recycling of your waste will go towards community service in total.

Eco-friendly waste disposal

Your waste will go for REUSE or RECYCLE.

We dispose your waste in most eco-friendly ways as your contribution towards society and Mother Earth.

We accept all types of office waste

Paper, e-waste, metal & plastic

We have capabilities to dispose all the common household waste like paper, newspaper, metal, plastic, electronic waste

We reward / certify your for your contribution

Recognitions are always appreciated

We understand the importance of recognition and we reward you appropriately for your contribution towards this cause.

Shredding Services

We care for your data privacy

We appreciate your intentions to participate in this drive but we are equally cautious about your data privacy.

Background verified porters

We care for your office safety

You have background verified porters to take care of your office waste collection under utmost care and supervision.

People Ready to Help


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