Our ECO-Projects are customized to suite every one's requirements including residential societies & corporate houses:

  • Setting up of low cost sustainable vermi-compost units in housing societies / food waste generating large institutions.

  • Installation of tumbler based composting units for wet waste generating institutions and residential societies with limited space but strongly committed to contribute towards effective and sustainable wet waste management system.

  • Centralized solid waste collection services through back-ground verified porters for improved safety & comfort of residents of large housing societies and commercial institutions where safety of life / data / documents plays most important role.

  • Construction and maintenance of green beds on road dividers.

  • Plantation & maintenance of appropriate plants on road dividers / pavements / road side post all the required approvals from governing agencies.

  • Placement of dustbins / planters of various sizes across appropriate places post all the required due-deligence.

Nothing is more joyful than caring for your own SOCIETY!!  Contribute for a "socio-environmental" cause through your WASTE!!

​​​Our roadshows covers various initiatives to engage and educate people across societies through various interactive engagement activities:​​

  • PUC certification drive to generate awareness towards impact of air pollutions amongst motorists.

  • Cleanliness drive across places to sensitize people about its importance & impact on our society and next generations.

  • Signature campaign / pledge drive to attract attention of target users to create awareness and sensitize about various eco-issues.

  • ​Poster-walk to create awareness amongst onlookers around target areas towards burning eco-issues.

​​Some of our community engagement activities which we conduct for residential societies / educational institutions / corporate houses:​​

  • Free saplings distribution amongst participants to create awareness about importance of plants in our eco-system.

  • Plantation drive in open spaces by engaging participants for the immense benefits of our future generations to come.

  • Waste donation drives of e-waste / solid wastes for its appropriate disposal in eco-friendly manners. Any usable or repairable items are redistributed amongst needy people for "reuse" in remote villages adopted by us.

  • Various eco-sensitive games & competitions for participant's close engagement with nature and its precious resources.

  • Paper bag making using old newspapers which can be further used as liners in residential waste bins.

  • Making of various display articles using old newspapers and cardboards.

  • “Best out of waste” competition for participants to showcase importance of "reusing" in sustainable eco-system.

  • Extempore /  Essay / Debate / Quiz competitions on environment related topics to sensitize & create awareness amongst participants.

  • "Waste segregation" competition to educate participants about various types of waste and its appropriate disposal techniques.

  • Eco poster competition to brig participants closure to nature by using eco-friendly colours and green themes.

​​​​We conduct various workshops on various aspects of our eco-system:

  • Importance of waste management at source at personal and community level.

  • Identification & segregation of waste management at source for effective waste management at community level.

  • Effective household waste management techniques in simple and practical ways at personal & community levels.

  • Technology driven waste management solutions and their advantages at community level for effective waste management in limited space.

  • Effective conservation of natural resources through community engagements.

  • Tips on conservations of precious natural resources.​

A socio-environmental initiative of "Reach Out India Foundation", registered under "Section 8" of Indian Companies Act, 2013