Paper waste

  • Newspapers,
  • Magazines,
  • Books,  Comics,
  • Notebooks
  • other such  items

Metal waste

  • Tin, Iron, Brass,
  • Aluminum 

Plastic waste

  • Toys, Bins,
  • Containers,
  • Pet bottles,
  • other such items 

Electronic waste

  • Radio, tape,
  • AC, TV, Camera
  • PC, Mobile,
  • Key board, mouse
  • Video games etc. ​

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Nothing is more joyful than caring for SOCIETY!! Contribute through your WASTE!


While ensuring that we offer ample business opportunities to our first eco partners i.e., kabadiwalas, we further take this forward to the weakest partners of ours of this waste management eco system i.e. rag pickers. While appreciating the efforts put in by them in playing one of the most important pillars in waste management eco system, we render various services for them which ranges from their improved occupational health & safety to financial assistance to their social security.

Rag pickers are traditionally exposed to extremely unhygienic and unhealthy working environment of waste collection system. They work without access to clean and hygienic environment while handling collection and segregation of garbage from source which mainly includes low value rotten materials and exposed to harmful toxic gases and dangerous materials. We aim to make progress here by offering them all the possible assistance with regards to appropriate uniforms which includes jackets, aprons, gloves caps etc., awareness about maintaining hygiene, possible protections to safeguard themselves in such working situations. Ensuring availability of clean drinking water Creating awareness in ensuring appropriate level of health & sanitation facilities for rag pickers during collection, sorting and segregation of garbage.

We assist our end beneficiaries - group of rag pickers in availing all the social security benefits offered by Government agencies on regular basis. Create awareness towards Government schemes on life insurance, pension, education and housing finance, among other provisions, and provide all the assistance towards achieving these benefits which ultimately led to improved quality and standard of living of these laborer Actively participating at the state level to ensure that all its members become beneficiaries to the government programs and subsidies to which they are entitled. Involving corporates and large business houses to offer scholarships to kids of such laborers for their education.

Kids of such rag pickers being future of our society deserves a better education system. An organization we aim to ensure better education system for such kids by assisting them with access to quality education system Financial support for families that can not afford education Scholarships for talented children to attend better education We create ample awareness towards Right to Education Act which is leading to more number of such kids to better education suppliers, customers and all such stakeholders by using environmentally sound technologies and resources to contribute back to our society and mother earth. NO

Creating awareness in waste management supply chain to create awareness about child labor policy and educating all our partners not to involve child labour in their services. We also educate the group of rag pickers about the repercussions of involving their kids in this trade and the certain advantages of keeping them out and ensuring a better education for their kids. We provide ample support to make them benefitted with government policies on right to education or various reservation benefits in education system. We take help from our well-wishers for their financial support and ensure appropriate assistance all the times.


We create ample awareness about importance of personal finance management and offer ample support in availing benefits of state and central government run various financial benefit programs. Our association with banks and insurance forms ensures effortless processing assistance to these beneficiaries.

Reward & recognition programs for Rag pickers.

  • Reward and recognition program for rag pickers to ensure highest level of attention all the times.

  • Free distribution of Aprons, Caps & Gloves to partner rag pickers.

  • Weekly cash reward program for hardworking & committed partner.

  • Adhoc medical assistance with financial support.

  • Visit to premises of various corporates, societies and malls for their entertainment & recognitions.

  • Appropriate career building opportunity for capable candidates.

  • Assisting rag pickers in availing the benefits of Jan Dhan Yojna & National Insurance Scheme.

  • Free GreenCiti branded Aprons, Gloves and Caps.

What all we collect?

Your waste can contribute immensely to one's life!!

Dispose it sensibly!!! Dispose it for a cause!!!

.....towards the benefits of Kabadiwalas & Rag pickers!!


As we work in partnership with local Kabadiwalas, we do ensure that their best interests are being taken care all the time through our robust service deliveries while acting as the front face of this eco supply chain leading to safe and scientific disposal of your garbage.

During this process, we just act as a strong medium to bring in efficiency in their deliveries by generating increased volume for each of the kabadiwals along with creation of new job opprtunity for others to support our services effectively. This leads to overall improvement in the business model of kabadiwalas leading to better work life balance.

Some of our initiatives towards kabadiwals includes :

  • Overall increased volume base for each participating kabadiwala due to our service deliveries.

  • Minimum volume guarantee programs to offer more business volume for ambitious kabadiwalas.

  • Option of direct delivery of garbage to kabadiwalas store post collection of garbge from customers.

  • No additional expenses incurred by kabadiwals towards transportations.

  • Collection of segregated garbage from kabadiwals for final disposal to bulk scap dealers as per convenience.

  • Same rates of exchange for segrigated waste to kabadiwals as offered by large scrape dealers.

  • Awareness sessions for effective waste segregation techniques.

  • Financial assistance towards expansion of service deliveries across new areas.

  • Required branding and promotional tools for new customer's engagement.

A socio-environmental initiative of "Reach Out India Foundation", registered under "Section 8" of Indian Companies Act, 2013


Reaward & recognition programs for kabadiwalas.

  • Certificate of excellence for our consistent vendors.

  • Guaranteed business model for ambitious vendors.

  • Publication of donor certificates for vendors on networking sites.

  • Events for partner vendors for strategy building exercises

  • Branded surprise gift items.

  • Assistance in participating in government run waste management programs.

  • Awareness towards government managed schemes & benefits.

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