On 3rd November 2015, we were at electronic waste at Talwalkar's Gym, Kalwa to create awareness amongst members on eco-friendly disposal of electronic waste items. We collected several electronic devices from several gym members who actively contributed towards our initiative. Most of the collected working / repairable electronic items were distributed amongst needy people post required maintenance and all he non-working items were later disposed in eco-friendly manners. We were able to meet and several participants who were willing to take that very first step of keeping our city clean and green by practicing waste management

Awareness session for students of Somaiya College, Ghatkopar

On 2nd January, 2016,  we partnered with NSS volunteers to to construct a toilet block in Wakadi village which was needed by a community of 20 families. In addition to this NSS volunteers created ample of awareness amongst local villagers about importance of cleanliness and sanitation around them. NSS volunteers constructed a road of approx. 50 meter and a bund to store the rain water for later usage. All the hard work and superb team efforts in spreading several messages around by NSS volunteers were highly appreciated by local villagers. This being our first outdoor event, we were amazed to see the response of local residents on several activities performed by our volunteers.

In February, 2017 an awareness session was conducted along with a group of our volunteers to create awareness and learning session for students of Pawar Public School, Bhandup to make them understand about various composting processes and their respective advantages. This session was part of our initiative to participate in a national level competition on "creative waste management initiatives" which was organised by Government of India. Our short video on this initiative included one video which was filmed in school premises to capture "Reduce, Reuse & Recycle" in innovative ways for safeguarding our environment. Our short video on this issue is available on our YouTube channel.

Nothing is more important than cleaning and hygiene in any Hospital. On the same line, on 10th October 2015 we were at Shatabdi Hospital, Govandi to educate the importance of maintaining clean and hygiene while visiting hospitals. We also took the liberty to educate even hospital staff members on importance of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in hospital premises. We were able to reach out to more than visitors in hospital premises who appreciated our efforts towards spreading awareness about clean and green environment. This event was very well executed in terms of actual rleanlining standards, impact on local staff and several patients and visitors. An interactive session with doctors offered ample learnings for our volunteers.


as a



Your waste can contribute immensely to one's life!!

Dispose it sensibly!!! Dispose it for a cause!!!

On 30th January 2016, being part of our long term commitment for Chembur railway station, we organised a painting and beautification drive with help from a corporate in which more than 20 employees participated to paint several parts of railway station. A railway cabin located on platform along with ticket booking counter was part of this "painting initiative" which was given a new look after putting great efforts by our participating volunteers. The whole effort was appreciated by all the daily commuters for offering a refreshing look. In addition to painting work, four big size floor mounted stainless steel bins were also installed at different location on platform to promote cleanliness.

On 18th October 2015, we were at Central Government Employees Colony,Sector - C, Bhandup (East) to create awareness amongst residents by organizing a painting competition for kids on environmental theme. There were more than 40 kids who participated in this event and they were able to brilliantly depict all our natural resources by means of their paintings. We were able to reach out to more than 400 residents through this engagement activity along with assistance from our little brand ambassadors. The whole event was extremely well organized by the committee members of said residential society. All the residents thoroughly enjoyed this sessions which made us happy.

A plantation drive was planned on Eastern Express Highway near Mulund east where more than 150 plants were planted. This event was conducted on 1st August 2015 where more than 40 volunteers of Viteos participated to execute this plantation drive. Participants spent more than 4 hours to carefully plant all the saplings which was chosen after keeping in mind the location of plantation spot which is generally prove to high wind flow. Every year we conduct such activities as part of employee engagement activities for various corporates and groups. On a periodic bias all the planted saplings are managed by GreenCiti to ensure they survive for along and offer ample greenery in our city for long.

Rail passenger's awareness camp on cleanliness at Malad railway station

On 23rd January 2016, GreenCiti was shortlisted as one of the beneficiary NGO to participate in this annual event of engineering students. The idea was to create relevant applications for GreenCiti to bring in efficiency in our service deliveries. Four groups of participating students created many tools for us which was meant for bringing in efficiency. It was quite an interactive session which continued for two days followed with recognition and distribution of certificates to participants. There were four teams who tried several technology driven tools for increased efficiencies considering our needs and requirements during this event. It was a great learning for us to see the impact of technology for ease.

On 10th October, 2016, thousands of reusable pieces of old clothes, electronic devices, various types of books, foot wears and toys were collected from the residents of “Windermere” residential society which were further segregated and displayed to create a mall like display experience in their community hall. All the lowest leg of support staff working for residents like maids, drivers, security guards, housekeepers who were in excess of 800 were invited to pick-n-choose the displayed items of their liking which was very much appreciated by one and all. All our volunteers and participating residents had good fun during this charitable event which continued for three days in said residential society.

On 14th August 2016, as usual, the idea of this cleanliness drive was to leave some good messages behind for the visitors at Juhu beach by making our hands dirty along with more than 80 NSS volunteers. We cleaned approx. couple of kilometre's stretch at beach while interacting with hundreds of visitors on beach. We were able to collect almost half a Ton of mixed waste which was further processed by a team of BMC officials. Many visitors promised us to take the learnings back home which was observed by them during our cleanliness drive. We were able to collect more than 500kg of mixed waste during this event which left mark on hundreds of visitors who witnessed the efforts of our volunteers.

​Eco-engagement activities at Fazlani L'Academie Globale, Mumbai

On 2nd October 2016, in association with Lioness club of Ghatkopar, we organised an awareness session of effective waste management and its several aspects for students of Somaiya college, Ghatkopar which was attended by more than 200 students of different streams. Various types and techniques of waste management was discussed with students to make them close to this topic which has become a need of hour for our city. An open question and answer session for students made this session extremely interactive in nature which was very well appreciated by students as an easy way of learning. We replicated the learnings & key outcomes of this sessions with others as well.

In first week of January, 2017 we visited Wakadi village in Panvel with NSS volunteers from Acharya & Marathe College Chembur to participate in several engagement activities conducted for residents of near by villages. Certain infrastructural changes were made in a resident school along with several cultural events which were performed by our dedicated NSS volunteers. Several engagement and awareness programs on various social issues like saving environments, importance of cleanliness, saving girl child etc. were highly appreciated by locals and participating schools which is one of its kind in terms of its outcomes on local villager's mindset and students of local schools for their learnings.

Construction of toilet blocks and eco-engagement activities in Wakadi village near Panvel
Reward and recognition program at Central Government Employees Colony, Bhandup

On 28 January 2016, more than 15 students of St. Xavier’s College assisted us in a plantation drive in Kanjurmarg East. Several varieties of plants were planted roadside to increase the count of plants in our city which is extremely important for maintaining ecological balance of our city. We interacted with several onlookers and made them aware about the need of planation and its importance for our society. Many of them promised to take such initiative at individual level to increase the count of plants in our city. All the participants of this event thoroughly enjoyed this interactive initiative which was one of its kind for them. This event received ample attention from onlookers who witness this drive.

Code-Shashtra by students of D. J. Sanaghvi Engineering College, Santacruz

Dispose your waste at your own comforts through us and cherish the pleasure of supporting lives with your contributions!!

Cleanliness drive

On 31st January 2016, we participated in this Walkathon which was organised by a group of Borivali based doctors as their eco-partner where were able to interact with hundreds of participants while assisting them at several points during their morning walk. More than 35 of our NSS volunteers assisted in this events while managing queues, lockers for participants, helping at refreshment and water counters and while distributing certificates to all the participants. We could reach out to many runners to make them aware about various ways and means to preserve our natural resources and make our city green and clean though posters, displays, banners and personal interactions by our volunteers. Skits performed by our volunteers were appreciate by one and all.

Monsoon 10K Marathon to create awareness about environment and green city.
Participation in Monsoon 10KRun at Chembur Gymkhana as an "Eco-Partner" 
Juhu beach clean-up drive

On 17th March, 2017 as part of our waste management initiative at SIES College Nerul, we organised an awareness-cum-students engagement session to create awareness about various environmental measures to safeguard our environment  followed by a "best out of waste competition" for students to create awareness amongst them and several other participants & visitors about the need of effective waste management for our city and importance of "REUSE" in our day to day life. Certificates were issued to all the winners as a token of appreciation for their contributions towards spreading awareness about our green initiatives in interactive ways for greener & cleaner environment.

We partnered with Garden Restaurant, Chembur to reach out to various shop owners around Chembur railway station to demonstrate the impact of cleaning in our surrounding areas. More than 50 staff of Garden restaurant took the mission to clean the station road which was very well assisted by local BMC members in clearing the collected waste items from road. We were able to demonstrate a clean road to all the locals in ur mission to create awareness towards mandating cleanliness around our society. At the completion event, the whole road was looking extremely neat and clean which left a great mark on locals and they wholeheartedly acknowledged the impact of such initiatives. 

Awareness and learning session on composting for students

On 13th August 2016, three of our volunteers participated in this exhibition cum sale of various products made out of used items. Several sturdy items were made and displayed during this event which were looking quite attractive and colourful. The efforts and usability of displayed products were very well appreciated by all the visitors during two days of this annual event. Again, the very basic idea was to promote the importance of REUSE in our day to day life to preserve our natural resources. All the money raised during this event was utilized on social causes which was supported by GreenCiti to encourage the use of REUSE in our life. Our volunteers were extremely innovative in their work at counter.

In February, 2017 one session was conducted along with our volunteers to create an awareness and learning session for students of Pawar Public School, Bhandup to make them understand about composting process. This session was part of our initiative to participate in a national level competition on waste management initiative organised by Government of India.

On 23rd August, 2015 we reached out to approx. 1500 participants & more than 5000 spectators to spread awareness towards safeguarding our natural resources. We participated in this event along with volunteers of NSS wing of University of Mumbai (from N.G.Acharya & D.K.Marathe College, Chembur) who assisted us in managing various logistic arrangements for all the runners while propagating our mission of clean and green city amongst runners. While interacting with runners, It was really amazing to experience how people are concerned about their good heath and green & clean environment. We learnt many aspects of managing marathon like a large event here during this event here.

Awareness and learning session on composting for students
“Best out of Waste” competition to create awareness about REUSE at SIES College, Nerul
Painting of Chembur railway station with help from a corporate.
Plantation drive on Eastern Express Highway, Mulund (east)

On 9th January, 2016, we were with more than 25 students of Mainadevi Bajaj International School, Malad (Mumbai) to spread awareness about practicing clean & safe habits while availing railway services. We did cleaning of station premises across platforms, ticket counters, holding areas and created awareness amongst local platform vendors about various measures to keep the premises clean & tidy. We also created awareness amongst passengers about good practices which they can inculcate in their daily life to make the station premises & trains clean. Many daily passengers appreciated our initiative and suggested the need of such frequent engagements for improved level of awareness.

A socio-environmental initiative of "Reach Out India Foundation", registered under "Section 8" of Indian Companies Act, 2013

Nothing is more rewarding than rewarding your own team. We value our association with NSS volunteers of N.G.Acharya & D.K.Marathe College, Chembur on 26th August, 2015 . We appreciated all the hard work of our volunteers who made us proud of their committments in our numerous engagement activities across various platforms while rewarding all our participating volunteers. We highly appreciate their committments towards rendering brilliant services to various quarters of our unprivileged part of our society where they have been instrumental in bringing changes in many ways. Again and again we have been impressed with the commitments of our dedicated NSS volunteers here.

Cleanliness drive near Chembur Railway Station, Mumbai
​Another step towards achieving one more "Zero Waste Society" in Mumbai Metropolitan​
A noble way to promote REUSE at Windermere Society, Andheri.
Cleanliness and awareness drive at Chembur Railway Station, Mumbai
Cleanliness & Awareness Drive in premises of Shatabdi Hospital, Govandi, Mumbai



On the occasion of Independence day celebration, a resident engagement activity was organized to create awareness amongst residents on various ways and means to safeguard our natural resources in Mahavir Universe Society, Bhandup on 15th August 2015 where approx. 40 kids participated in various competitive activities organized by GreenCiti in association with society's event organising committee. We were able to reach more than 200 residents to voice our thoughts to create awareness towards safeguarding our environment and mother earth. Some of the activities included Eco-Quiz competition, Best out of waste competition, Eco-Slogan, Assay competition on environment during this event created huge impact on all the participating residents.

On 5th June 2016, we participated in a plantation drive along with volunteers from Brahmkumaris to create awareness about the need of more plantation and about the preservation of existing trees in our city for a clean and green environment. Several saplings were planted in a ground at Ghatkopar and many visitors were offered sapling to take back home during this drive. More than 100 participants were engaged during this plantation drive. Many visitors promised to take this initiative at individual level to increase the count of plants in our city. There were several posters and factual numbers were on display which was demonstrated by Brahmkumari's volunteers to create awareness amongst visitors.

On 10th January, 2016,  We conducted a beach clean-up drive being "Eco-Partner" of S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai to create awareness amongst volunteers of Sprint 2016 , a sports engagement activity of this pioneer institute. More than 50 students participated in this drive where we collected more than 200 kgs of waste from the beach. We reached out to all the morning walkers, visitors and local food vendor to educate them about various ways and means of keeping our surroundings clean and green all the times. Many visitors of this beach came forward and appreciated our initiative and promised to maintain appropriate level of cleanliness by them.

Plantation drive along with volunteers from St. Xavier’s College

Nothing is more joyful than caring for SOCIETY!! Contribute through your WASTE!

Rewards and recognition for NSS volunteers of Acharya & Marathe College, Chembur
Plantation drive with help of volunteers of Brahmkumaris
Juhu Beach cleanup
Eco-Engagement Activity for the residents of Mahavir Universe Society, Bhandup

On 17th January, 2016,  we partnered with NSS volunteers to demonstrate the importance of cleanliness and hygiene amongst passengers of Chembur railway station which is in line with our mission of keeping our public areas green and clean. All our volunteers demonstrated their committments by making the area clean by making their hands dirty and showcased a brilliant example for passengers to take learnings out of it. More than 30 volunteers were able to target approx. 500 passengers  to connect them with our initiative on cleanliness & hygiene. Our events arounds cleanliness were highly appreciated by Railways authorities on different platforms to support our volunteers efforts

A reward and recognition event was organized on 21st October 2015 along with management committee of Central Government Employees Colony,Sector - C, Bhandup (East) to appreciate all the efforts of participating painters of our paining competition along with other activities organized in the society premises. More than 80 participants were rewarded for their hard work and brilliant results in respective activities which was appreciated from all the quarters of said residential society. All the little kids were amazing in their talent and creativity. We were pleasantly surprised to experience the fact that age does not come as a barrier at all for talents!! We wish a bright future to all those talented kids.

On 24th September 2015, In our constant endeavour to create awareness towards clean and green environment, we organized various eco-engagement activities for passengers, local food vendors & railway staff along with Volunteers of NSS from N.G. Acharya & D.K.Marathe College, Chembur. We could reach out to more than 500 passengers through our engagement activities which included quick-quiz on environment and rail safety measures, signature campaign for clean and green city, skits by NSS volunteers on maintaining adequate level of hygiene and sanitation in our societies and educating local food vendors to ensure adequate disposal techniques to keep station area clean.

Walkathon to create awareness about environment and green city

On 29th November 2015,  we partnered with Swastik Residency Society, Thane to convert this society in to a zero waste generating society. Series of awareness sessions and engagement activities are being planned together with society members to execute all our proposed assignments in phase wise manner. All the efforts put in by committee members and participating volunteers are making us feel good to achieve our targets well before our anticipations.Type your paragraph here. There were several enthusiasts in this society who were working on similar missions of keeping our city clean and green at individual capacity in several ways which is certainly a good initiative to feel good about our city.

On 7th August 2016, for second year, we participated in this cool running event where we were able to interact with thousands of participants while assisting them at several points during their run. More than 45 of our NSS volunteers from Acharya Marathe college, Chamber assisted in this event while managing queues for runners, lockers for participants, helping runners at refreshment and water counters and while distributing winning medals to all the participants. We could reach out to many runners to make them aware about various ways and means to preserve our natural resources and make our city green and clean though posters, banners & personal interactions by our volunteers.

Awareness camp towards eco-friendly disposal of e-waste at Talwalkar's Gym, Kalwa
​Eco-engagement with passengers and cleanliness drive at Chembur railway​ station
Eco-painting competition to create awareness about clean and green environment

On 12th January, 2016,  we were at Fazlani L'Academie Globale, Mumbai to create awareness amongst parents and students on various types of eco-engagement assignments executed by us to safeguard all our precious natural resources. We represented as Environmental NGO as their theme of event was on Reuse, Recycle & Reduce. A brilliant show was demonstrated by all the kids and they took everyone by surprise by their brilliant performance. Our volunteers demonstrated the art of making paper bin liners and carry bags using old news papers. We were amazed to see the creativity of students which they demonstrated while participating in this event which was appreciated by one and all in this event.

Display & sale of REUSED products during annual event of M. L. Dahanukar College, Vile Parle